Sunday, May 21, 2017

Crow 31 Days: A Perfect Meal at Tei An

Teiichi Sakurai has staying power. The little Soba House on the ground floor of One Arts Plaza is a world away: quiet, elegant, tranquility-inducing: and every bite delicious.

1. Choose a table in the back room near the ethereal David Gibson photograph of reeds in the water. Take in the buffet, the amber light, it's all there for the soaking.

2. Wash your hands with the infused hand towel.

3. Order a hot green tea.

4. Order the White Seaweed (mushroom, really) salad and the spicy tuna as first course to share with your guests.

5. Order the Cold Plum Daikon Soba. The Sampler is also a nice option.

6. Enjoy a conversation with Teiichi if he comes by -- this "resident artist" of the Dallas Arts District is a quiet observer of the world: he holds onto his Japanese roots. It is his warm smile you see first.

7. If you're celebrating, order the soba ice cream doused in black honey.

Breathe deeply between each step and appreciate the ones you are sharing this experience with.

Time takes on a different form in this restaurant. Don't miss the moment to appreciate this. Recognize the craft of each mini-moment: the craft of the interior design, the craft of the tea cup, the soy sauce dish, the bamboo plate for your soba deliciousness. This is a place to sit inside of the Japanese aesthetic and fully realize how being with, and experiencing the totally utility of Japanese art and culture makes a life quieter, calmer and more full. 

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