Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Crow 31 Days: Day Two: The Spice of Life

May is Asian-American Pacific Islander Month, and the museum where I work is honoring the leaders and spaces in our community where the best aspects of Asian Art and Culture are taught experienced and cherished.

One of those places for me is Sapna's kitchen. Sapna Punjabi-Gupta is the founder and creative force behind Naivedhya: an innovative company offering education and access to a healthier, happier life based on the teachings of the age-old Indian wellness traditions of Ayurveda.

Her YouTube Videos are the bomb of health and nutrition: Sapna, in her loving and compassionate way, invites you in: in to experience and explore all of the delicious benefits of a life well balanced. Sapna is a treasure of a teacher, whether in the classroom here at the Crow Collection (we are working on a fall series!), at a workshop in her home or via the graces of the world wide web. She is patient and clever, informed and insightful: Sapna's own journey as a skillful dietician and a lifetime student of health inspires others to be curious, to experiment and to make the best kinds of changes.

Sapna's product line and her recommended essentials for good healthy living bolster her capacity to help create a new future. She has a new aspect of her company offering Ayurvedic sessions, helping new clients understand their doshas (body type) and how to design a life that works with the human that we are. Her one-on-one work and the wildly popular classes at Central Market demonstrate her range and passion for a healthier community: one that is compassionate to ourselves, others and the beautiful world we all share.

It's her kitchen, though that I love the most. Sapna is a designer of beautiful food, beautiful spaces and a very beautiful life. Her kitchen is a teaching kitchen where she hosts remarkable experiences for small groups of students most months of the year. It's a place to experiment and connect and as Sapna teaches she pulls culture and history to us. She is the demonstration of cooking with love and the wisdom of the vedas. Her home is a haven: the aromas of cardamom and ginger mix easily with laughter and joy. It has the warmth and compassion of your Mother's Kitchen. And I promise you, this is the best cup of Chai you can find in Dallas.

So try it out! Explore a video or two--the Ojas Truffles are better than candy--and so much better for you. Take a class or dive into Sapna's very informative blog. Nutrition is calling--it's time to Be Spiced!

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