Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Chapter of Mindful Intention: Under Construction

I woke up today in a new future. I've been planning this day, March 1st for almost a month. I've been working up to this day, March 1st for years.

Last fall the museum started looking at 2017 as a year of quiet: I called it a cocoon phase: dark, quiet and under construction.

The museum is close to announcing the plans for our physical transformation and construction: a sizable expansion, a re-brand and a launch as a museum in the public trust. I didn't realize as all of these conversations evolved that I, too am preparing for my own cocoon phase: I, too, am going under construction.

I've been working on myself for a few years now with the wake-up call of a diagnosis of thyroid cancer six years ago and remission twelve months later. I've learned that well being is a journey: moments of incredible focus and intention, moments of learning and leaving,  moments of straying and distraction. Today I woke up in a new moment. 

At the museum we've been studying existence: getting rigorous about how the work of work happens: promises and commitments and tracking it in places beyond the vast expanse of the brain. A new moment exists today and today is different from yesterday. Today is day one of one-hundred days. For the next one-hundred days I will engage in a practice of mindful eating in an elimination diet: no sugar, no caffeine (save for one green tea daily), no dairy, no gluten and: no alcohol. 

This Chapter of Mindful Intention as I am calling it includes creating new behaviors in joy, simplicity and minimalism. I will focus on who I am becoming in this future: a person who is clearer about the world and all I am to be in my being here. I will feel better:  I will give away 100 things and document them via social media. I will work hard and pursue happiness. I will strengthen my capacity for compassion. I will stay focused and intentional. 

As for well being I am creating a me that will flourish in 

lower blood pressure 
more fitness and exercise 
more energy 
less inflammation 
more capacity for yoga 
more clarity in purpose and thinking 

Writing this puts it all into existence: me in this future of health and well being: leading in contemplative work and heading up an art museum that celebrates the compassion that happens when art meets healing. I am my own best experiment, and I am taking myself on to be someone who is stronger, wiser ready for the good work ahead of us. Pardon my dust and please hold me to account every day. 

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