Monday, June 1, 2015


This evening at the Buddhist Blessing and Wedding for Dear Family Friends Melissa Ann and Daniel Medrano I was honored with the opportunity to welcome everyone to Crow Collection of Asian Art.
I gave them this poem: 
The skies had something important to say
Nature in her wildest way blessed us on this
Wedding day.
Each drop of water is a gift
We will save and remember
Like the life before Daniel and the life before Melissa.
Today is a Changing:
A transformation into something new.
Their lives are a gift
A gift to these families who brought them up into
This bright and beautiful, wild and precious world. 
You are a gift, today in this museum
Here for the marriage of two very special people.
Gifts surround us.
Little Alleluias everywhere.
From the teachers we have known
And those we hope to see again.
Ganesha without obstacle;
Vishnu, preserver and protector;
Buddha, giver of benevolence and wisdom;
Filling all beings with joys and peace.
As the Sun, a bright glorious sun, follows the rain.
And fills us with something new.
Bright as these sunflowers:
A reminder of all that is possible
In Love. 
Be a gift to each other,
With every word
Every glance
And dream.
Today is yours.
And thank you for making today
Ours, too. 
Daniel + Melissa

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