Monday, April 13, 2015

Remarks for Tatlin's Whisper #6

Amy Lewis Hofland
Remarks for Tatlin's Whisper #6
A participatory political artwork by Cuban artist Tania Bruguera
April 13, 2015

Please be peaceful, she wrote

Believe Art leads to multiple interpretations.

Summon the diversity of ideas. 
Summon passion to defend those ideas.
Summon freedom
Our nature is peaceful. 

Bamboo and Grey  

And Rain. And Impermanent Clouds move past. 

We can run to the river. We can run to White Rock Lake. 

Head uncovered. 

Free to say what we feel and what we know to be true. 

We are free to believe.

Art is our voice today. Art is their voice. 

Today we murmur the voices of

Pier Paolo Pasolini
Robert Mapplethorpe
Andrei Tarkovsky
Owen Maseko
Charlie Chaplin
Paul Klee
Jafar Panahi
M.F. Husain
Ai Weiwei

And today we speak for Tania Bruguera.

Our words are her words.

Our freedoms are her freedoms.

Our hope is her hope.

So bring your peaceful nature

And your full hearts  

And be aware.

Be mindful.

And brave.

Be Tania. Be her today. Be our tomorrow.

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