Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Notes

February 14 is my favorite holiday. And I can't think of a better day to start a new blog. In a mixed-up world Love is a rare thing. I'm grateful for a reason to cherish it. Today you can tell the world you love them. And it's okay. You can send valentines to your boss. You can send love poems to your staff. Because you really do love them. Last week we sat together for a few hours on Thursday evening and made homemade Valentines with stunning papers from Paper Arts on Peak in Dallas. If you haven't been there you'll love it. Terry, the totally not frustrated artist is a joy to spend an hour or two with--she's in her dream job and it shows. The place is magical--rows and rows of lucious designs and textures. We made valentines for our staff and board while munching on cookies and pizza. I loved it. The reveal of creativity was the best part.

Today I sported my 25-year collection of hearts and love-jewelry. In 1983 my Mom gave me a bracelet I still cherish. I was into my third week as a newly transplanted sixth-grader and it was to put it mildly a rough start. She was--at the time--my only and best friend (now she's just a best!). It's a treasure. I enjoyed the energy of the floral department at Tom Thumb, the guys at the bank, the pharmacist and the pediatrician. The heart-laden scrubs on the nurses at Richardson Pediatrics cheered us all up. Everyone, at least most people, love Valentines Day. Remember the Box? The box you decorated in elementary school and your friends slipped their sweet nothings into it on pretty papers? Baker missed school today but Mimi brought his Box home. For the last two hours he's been sifting through the Valentine's--memorizing the design and the signature. He'll walk up every few minutes and confirm the sender's name. Sweet. I don't think he knew, until today, how much his friends at school love him.

My grandmother used to tell us, I love you more today than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

I hope you know--today--and tomorrow, and the day after that--how much you are loved. That is my Valentine's Wish.

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  1. Amy, what a beautiful and inspiring post. I love everything about it. Paper Arts is one of my favorite not so secret places. We bought all of the paper for our wedding there, and my poor friends were such good sports in helping me painstakingly fold and cut it. Thanks for reminding me of those moments and memories. Hugs and hearts to you.
    Meredith P.